Koko’s Signature Atomic Shrimp

Nine bite size pieces of layered shrimp tempura and asparagus, broiled three different times topped with a unique combination of our homemade sauces and caviar. – 14 –

Shrimp Tempura

Crispy crunch tempura shrimp, Ono sweet dip -6- (4pc)

Crispy Spring Roll

Mango sweet chili sauce -4- (4pc)

Chicken Lollipops

Marinated fried chicken breast skewers coated with a tropical -3-
sweet orange & honey glaze – great for kids


Served warm with your choice of Hawaiian pink sea salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil or Hawaiian sweet soy sauce, with a spicy paste. (spicy or not spicy ) -5-


Thinly sliced grilled Black angus rib-eye steak wrapped around fresh asparagus, scallion and goat cheese, drizzled with teriyaki sauce, Hawaiian sweet basil -cilantro pesto. -12-


Japanese fried dumplings filled with vegetables and spices served with a sweet Thai soy chili sauce. Chicken or pork options available. -5-

Aloha Roll

Pan-fried scallion pancake stuffed with pineapple, fresh asparagus, wasabi mayonnaise and Hawaiian sweet basil pesto. -10-

Red Garnet Yams

Fresh sliced yams crisped to perfection drizzled with butter crusted Hawaiian cane sugar and Cinnabon frosting. -5-