Rack of Lamb

New Zealand oven roasted 4-bone rack, seasoned with rosemary, garlic, special house seasoning and freshly ground black pepper. Served over steamed asparagus with extra virgin olive oil, served with jasmine steamed rice or butter crusted Red Garnet Yams. Limited quantity daily -seasonal price-

Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs

The best ribs in the valley – marinated (fall off the bone) pork ribs, Hawaiian smoked soy-honey barbecue sauce, served with steamed vegetables and jasmine steamed rice. -18-

Tenderloin Cube

Black Angus cubed tenderloin, sweet mirin, special black pepper and chef’s glaze. Served on a bed of Sweet Maui onions with served with steamed vegetables and jasmine steamed rice. -22-

Bay Scallops

Bay scallops, brown sweet soy glaze, big island macadamia nut crusted. Served over a bed of steamed asparagus. -18-

White Wine Garlic Mussels & Prawns

Mussels, size 16-20 jumbo shrimp, white wine, garlic, Hawaiian sweet basil pesto. -20-

Crispy Macadamia Nut Prawns

Creamy glazed prawns, crispy macadamia nuts, coconut lemon sauce, honey glazed, mildly sweet. -19- with tenderloin cube. -32-

Volcano Lava Prawns

Crispy prawns, spicy Asian garlic chipotle sauce, chopped green onions, spicy. -19-

Teriyaki Rice Bowl

A classic choice, sweet soy sauteed seasonal vegetables with coconut oil, sesame seeds, and steamed jasmine rice. Topped with your choice of toasted grilled chicken breast -16-
Salmon -20-


Dinner Suggestions

Rack of Lamb