Vegan Entrees

Vegan Entrees

Vegetable Festival

Fresh seasoned vegetables with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, Hawaiian pink alea sea salt, organic cane sugar and pure dark sesame oil. -16-

Sweet & Sour Tofu

Lightly fried soft tofu, a tomato sweet-and-sour glaze. -18-

Maui Onion Vegetable Stir Fry

Stir fried sweet Maui onions, scallions, fresh seasonal vegetables in a sweet soy glaze. -16-

Island of Golden Curry

Very mild Japanese curry, Maui sweet onion, carrots, soy beans and squash, black peppers. Choose jasmine rice or udon noodles or Pad Thai noodles -16-

Vegan Style Yaki Noodle

Japanese noodles, lightly sautéed with fresh seasonal vegetables and organic soy, extra virgin olive oil, organic cane sugar, black pepper, pure sesame oil. Choose udon noodles or Pad Thai Rice noodles -16-

Fried Rice / Tofu & Veggies

Stir fried rice, diced fresh seasonal vegetables, sweet onion, peppers, young green onions -16

Golden Tofu & Fresh Broccoli

Pan seared tofu, fresh broccoli, sautéed, sweet wine glaze, Health Goji Berries -16-



Fried Rice / Tofu & Veggies

Giolden Tofu & Fresh Broccoli